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Jim Bevels

Hello! My name is Jim. I am a rental property owner in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

I figure it was time to begin doing some energy upgrades to my properties. This is the first.

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Vicki and Doug Smith

When someone says "Empty Nest" or "Down Size", what do you think of...selling a big home for something a little smaller?

Well, Vicki and Doug had a different idea.

They built a smaller "home", an "In-Law House", attached to their larger home. They allowed one of their family members to move into the larger house.

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Julie's Story

In March, 2008, I decided it was time to replace the carpet in the family room. My house sits on an un-insulated slab. The room was always cold.

I looked for a way to insulate the floor plus add new carpet. What I found was Low-E Therm-E Pad. This product is 3/8” thick with foam sandwich around a piece of aluminum. So, instead of using customary carpet pad I chose the Low-E Therm-E Pad.

Low-E Therm-E Pad Insulation

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Mattoon Pride "Den"

The task of installing Low-E Attic Wrap was started on October 19, 2007 and was completed on November 3, 2007.

The Mattoon Pride "Den", softball practice facility, was constructed in 2005. We began utilizing it for softball practice in November 2005. The Mattoon Pride is a girls fast pitch softball organization which is entering our 15th season in 2008. Over the years, we have several high finishes in Illinois State Tournaments (5 State ASA & NSA State titles) and NSA World Series (three top 4 finished); here is a link to our website, In addition to softball, we have utilized the facility for basketball practice utilizing swing-out backboards on the back wall.

Low-E Insulation and the Mattoon Pride Den

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Horse Rescue

"I run a horse rescue farm and have a metal pole type barn. I lost a horse last year because of the heat and my neighbor lost hers this year. My barn gets really hot and I need to find a way to keep it cooler as I need at times to bring horses in for the vet or the farrier. Is it possible to install this insulation over the metal and wood framing? Is it possible for beginners to do so (I cannot afford to hire someone)?"

Low-E Insulation and Horse Rescue

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