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Does Low-E Insulation Work?

Low-E House Wrap - See and learn how this product will improve the energy efficiency of your building.

Article from Metal Construction News

Wrapped in green: Low-E Housewrap provides year-round energy efficiency

Summary of Findings for a Thermal Imaging Project

The houses featured in this report are located side by side in Springfield, IL. On the day that the pictures were taken the observed high for the day was 91°F and both houses had their thermostats set at 70°F. The houses are within 100 square feet total size of each other.

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This is a real example that Low-E insulation does work.

Mattoon Pride

A lot of people ask, "Can you reduce your energy bill by adding Low-E insulation to your house or building?" I believe the answer is Yes.

I now have a customer, Mattoon Pride, that is willing to share their energy data.

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Understanding what Radiant Barrier Systems are.

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