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Metal & Concrete or Clay Tile Roofing Energy Upgrade

Low-E Thermasheet Insulation

Low-E Thermasheet

Thermasheet Insulation

Thermasheet Insulation


Therma-Sheet Roofing Underlayment is manufactured by Environmentally Safe Products, Inc. It is a 99% pure aluminum facing heat laminated to a foam core.

ICC, CBC, CRC and FRC evaluation (ESR-3652) allows Therma-Sheet to be used as a stand alone alternative to felt paper and other traditional underlayments. The product is very lightweight, easy to install and additionally provides thermal protection under metal roofing, stone coated steel and clay tiles.

By using Therma-Sheet under your roofing system, you can help cut your summer heat gain and when used in conjunction with proper attic ventilation it can also help to control ice damming.

Benefits of Therma-Sheet:

Low-E Therma Sheet Product Information

Low-E Therma Sheet under shingles.

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