Benefits of Low-E® Slab Shield Insulation:

  • Decrease slab response time
  • Excellent vapor barrier
  • Exclusive interlocking tabs
  • Conveneint and lightweight
  • Puncture resistant to 93 psi
  • Crush resistant to 70 psi
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Closed cell foam (not bubble pac)
  • Help retain curing moisture for stronger concrete

So Why Use Low-E® Slab Shield?

To provide greater comfort and energy efficient living, the easiest way to stop heat transfer between ground and slab is to install Low-E® Slab Shield insulation.

Build energy efficient structures from the ground up by using revolutionary Low® Slab Shield. Developed with the same ESP Low-E energy efficient technology that goes into all ESP Low-E Insulation products, Slab Shield offers unique benefits not found in other under slab products. Low-E® Slab Shield is engineered to not only help prevent heat transfer from ground to salb, but also provide a vapor barrier that protects basements from excess moisture.

Low-E® Slab Shield is designed with a layer of closed-cell polyethylene applied to both sides of a reflective foil layer. The closed cell foam is a vapor barrier. Low-E® Slab Shield adjusts and molds itself to the contours of the grade providing a better and stronger concrete pour.

Low-E® Slab Shield is easy to apply and will not crack or break like traditional board insulation when walked on. It is lightweight and cuts easily within a utility knife. Low-E® Slab Shield comes in rolls with innovative interlocking tabs that provide a perfect seam when using several rolls side by side.

Low-E® Slab Shield Product Information


PRODUCT DIMENSION & DESCRIPTIONS: Double sided polyethylene foam laminated to a layer of scrimless aluminum foil

PRODUCT THICKNESS: 1/4" Nominal Thickness, 3/8" Nominal Thickness


LENGTH: 63' (3/8" rolls), 125' (1/4" rolls)

R-VALUE: ASTM C518: 2.9**

R-VALUE for product only: 1/4" = 1.2, 3/8" = 1.6


FLAME AND SMOKE: This product has no fire test because this application does not require fire rating. It is recommended that this or any insulation material should not be exposed to open flame or other sufficiently intese ignition sources during shipment, storage or installation.

PUNCTURE RESISTANCE: Beach T-803-99: 92.9 psi

CRUSH RESISTANCE: 70 psi Architectural Testing Inc.

This product is to be installed under concrete only!

*4MSMB is designed for applications such as under lightweight concrete

**Tested within concrete assembly

NOTE: Do not allow product to become damp or wet while rolled in sealed bag.

WARNING: Although ESP LOW-E® Insulation Products are all fire tested to ASTM and/or NFPA standards; it is recommended that they or any insulation material should not be exposed to open flame or other ignition sources of sufficient intensity during shipment, storage or installation.

CAUTION: Aluminum is an electrical conductor. Please use caution when working around electrical sources including overhead power lines. Carefully inspect electrical junction boxes and check for frayed wires before beginning installation.

How Much Does It Cost?

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