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Carpet Case Study

In March, 2008, I decided it was time to replace the carpet in the family room. My house sits on an un-insulated slab. The room was always cold.

I looked for a way to insulate the floor plus add new carpet. What I found was Low-E Therm-E Pad. This product is 3/8” thick with foam sandwich around a piece of aluminum. So, instead of using customary carpet pad I chose the Low-E Therm-E Pad.

Low-E Therm-E Pad Rolls

The installation was simple.

The carpet installers had no problem with installing the Therm-E Pad. First they cut it length…

Low-E Therm-E Pad Insulation

Next applied an adhesive to the floor…

Low-E Therm-E Pad Insulation

And laid down the Pad…

Low-E Therm-E Pad Insulation

After the floor was covered with the Pad they installed the carpet the way they always do.

Low-E Therm-E Pad Insulation

Low-E Therm-E Pad Insulation

After the installation was complete walking on the new Pad and carpet was like walking on a cloud.

There is a definite difference between the carpet over the Therm-E Pad versus my old carpet over the padding. It is a much softer walk.

Also, there was a difference in the temperature in the room. I would have never thought to walk barefoot on the old carpet. You could feel the coldness seeping into the carpet. Now there is no temperature difference. The carpet is as warm as the room.

Low-E Therm-E Pad Insulation

I certainly feel that I made the right decision.

I will use the Therm-E Pad again when I replace the rest of my carpets.