About K'nA Distributors

K ‘n A Distributors, Inc is a true Mom & Pop company.

Mom is the ‘K’. Her name is Kay. She tends the office, keeping it running smoothly. That is the reason for her initial being first.

Pop is the ‘A’. That’s me and my name is Al. I was the one who got interested in the products of Environmentally Safe Products.

Here is how it all came about…

I read an ad in out local newspaper. The ad used the term Low-E Insulation. Well, I understood what Low-E meant when it came to glass in windows but not insulation. I called the person who placed the ad. I asked to many questions for him to answer. He had someone from ESP call me. Again, with all my questions I felt it would be better if he came to my house. That first night we spent over two hours going over the technical reasons behind Low-E plus the various products and the ways they can be used. I was sold. I wanted in on this new world of Low-E Insulation. I asked to become a distributor. They gave it some thought and finally they gave the go ahead. That was in November 1999. I have not been sorry for this decision.

Oh, yes, we also have installed Low-E Insulation at our house. We re-sided our house in 2000. Before the siding went on, House-Wrap was applied. I also installed a hot water heater jacket. This was simple to do. I know works every time I am the first to use the shower in the morning. Next up will be the attic. I plan on using Low-E Tab Insulation.

I have enjoyed the times spent with potential customers explaining what the advantages are by using Low-E, explaining the various products and how they can use them in their project.

One customer was so interested he purchased enough Low-E to cover his basement and garage walls. He did this even thought the walls were Superior Concrete Walls with foam insulation. In his attic he used Low-E Double Sided 1/4” Insulation.

Another customer built a new woodworking shop. He used Low-E Insulation from the bottom up. Before the concrete floor was poured he laid out Slab-Shield. On the walls, before siding was added, he rolled out Low-E Double Sided 1/4” Insulation. His next task will be to insulate the attic. He will use either the Low-E Double Sided 1/4” Insulation or Low-E Tab Insulation.

Running this business is a full time job but it was not our full time jobs. My wife is the best homemaker I could have asked for. She also baby sat a two year for a neighbor. My job was a systems analyst for a large electronics manufacture. Our kids are also in this business. Our daughter helps with the accounting while our son works on the web site.

We are common, hard working peoplethat are willing to help you with your project. I hope this gives you a look into K ‘n A Distributors and the people who work here.

Kay and Al Reustle

Contact Information:

Albert Reustle
5601 Pinchtown Rd.
Dover, PA 17315
(717) 292-5448
E-mail Me


K'nA Distributors, Incorporated has won Best of Dover Award for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The USCA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

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